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Slipcover update.

Well, I had planned on finishing up the slipcover tonight… But, quite frankly, I’m tired! I’m also at a point that involves a little too much thinking to figure it out (because, you know, I’m sewing as I go) so it’s probably better for me to just sit here and watch 27 Dresses.

So, I’ll leave you with this half done webcam picture and pretend that it’s good. I think I’m going to do the fronts of the arms next, then figure out the back. I didn’t want to have a seam at the top/back of the chair but I think I may have to…

We’ll see next week 🙂

I may even have some wine because it’s Thursday!


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Sewing a slipcover.


Just a quick update post before I head off to work…

This weekend I started working on a slipcover for the yellow chair in our family room. Nothing is really wrong with the chair except for that we aren’t nuts about the color with our current scheme (and that the cat has taken to it as her scratching post…) but it’s these things that have lead me to my next project. Please pardon the photo quality, this was taken from my web cam because both of my other cameras had dead batteries.

The fabric you see on the chair now was my draft… A while back my mom donated some muslin to me as practice fabric and that’s exactly what I’ve been using it for. I wanted to make sure I had a good idea of how to shape my seams, where to sew, how much to cut and where not to cut.

(images from Modern Fabrics)

I purchased the fabric from a store in Charlotte called Modern Fabrics. They are a fantastic resource if you’re looking for upholstery/decorator fabrics and want a better selection than your typical fabric store. Another reason they’re great is that they continually update their website with their new fabrics…makes it easy to browse online and then visit the store if you see something you like.

I made some serious progress on the real slipcover last night and am hoping to finish it before this weekend.

And, a quick slipper chair update for you, I think I’m going to stay true to my first idea (and to all of those lovely inspiration rooms that I keep going back to) and reupholster the chairs in a light beige velvet…

Something like this 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great week!

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