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Sewing a slipcover.


Just a quick update post before I head off to work…

This weekend I started working on a slipcover for the yellow chair in our family room. Nothing is really wrong with the chair except for that we aren’t nuts about the color with our current scheme (and that the cat has taken to it as her scratching post…) but it’s these things that have lead me to my next project. Please pardon the photo quality, this was taken from my web cam because both of my other cameras had dead batteries.

The fabric you see on the chair now was my draft… A while back my mom donated some muslin to me as practice fabric and that’s exactly what I’ve been using it for. I wanted to make sure I had a good idea of how to shape my seams, where to sew, how much to cut and where not to cut.

(images from Modern Fabrics)

I purchased the fabric from a store in Charlotte called Modern Fabrics. They are a fantastic resource if you’re looking for upholstery/decorator fabrics and want a better selection than your typical fabric store. Another reason they’re great is that they continually update their website with their new fabrics…makes it easy to browse online and then visit the store if you see something you like.

I made some serious progress on the real slipcover last night and am hoping to finish it before this weekend.

And, a quick slipper chair update for you, I think I’m going to stay true to my first idea (and to all of those lovely inspiration rooms that I keep going back to) and reupholster the chairs in a light beige velvet…

Something like this 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great week!

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The chairs are here!

Two posts in one day? You lucky ducks…

This weekend has been full of interesting things. As you read a few days ago, I found some sweet chairs on Craigslist and recruited my friend Claire to come with me to pick them up on Saturday…you know, so I wasn’t the next Craigslist victim.

We had a lovely day and the chairs are beautiful (definitely in need of some TLC). I swung by her house around 11:30 and we made it to the chairs shortly after noon. We crammed them in the back of my 2001 go-cart hatchback and bungee’d the trunk shut so that nothing would fly out. Then, being the foodies we are, we went for lunch and a drink at On the Border. We both had soft taco’s although Claire was healthier than me (as usual) and opted for mahi mahi instead of pulled beef brisket topped with fried onion strips…oh well! You can read more about the food on her healthy living blog Dine-and-Dash.

Back to the chairs… Here they are in our formal living room. I think this is where they’ll live 99% of the time.

Now, as I mentioned, these need a revamp 1) because they do not match, 2) because they are pretty beaten up and 3) because these fabrics are awful. Gag. I’m thinking we’ll either paint (white) or stain (very dark) the legs and wood trim around the backs. Just so you know, I’m totally torn. For once the Mr. actually wants me to paint something and I feel like they should be stained. I’ve seen cute versions both ways…

We’ll also be reupholstering them ourselves. For the fabric, I’m pretty sure I want to keep these solid and I’m also pretty sure that they need to be velvet; it just seems like the right choice for the chairs! Maybe a light beigey blue color? Using (poorly, might I add) handy dandy photoshop I’ve come up with the picture below which is (as of today) the direction I’m thinking.

Needless to say, your suggestions, opinions and personal experiences/recommendations are more than welcome! I’ve found tons of images online, and photoshopped a few other options that further confuse me!

I think we’re definitely favoring the stained legs….

Today the Mr. took care of the yard, mowing (and simultaneously picking up pine cones, leaves and sweet gum balls), doing a little landscape removal and then planting a garden. Busy guy!

In case you were wondering, these bushes were super close to the house and in the way of the walkway from the garage to the back porch…we basically hate them, so now they are gone!

(this photoshoot was cat approved)

And, to wrap things up here, a mirror update. I tried to hang these suckers today…but as you can see from the picture below, the hooks are really close to the top which means even when the wire is pulled tight you’ll still be able to see it (and the nail it’s hanging from) on the wall. Not ideal. At all. FYI – this was also a cat approved project, especially the wire.

Any thoughts on the chairs are appreciated. Also, suggestions for a better way to hang these mirrors!

Hope you’ve all had fantastic weekends. 🙂



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Slipper chairs.

Ahhh, awesome Craigslist score.

I’m heading out tomorrow with my friend Claire to pick up these beauties for $100 smackeroo’s.

I’m picturing them stained a little darker, and with some new fabric, in the formal living room (but easily pulled into another space if needed).

Suggestions on fabric choice? I’m thinking velvet. Either turquoise-ey or a light blue with warm beigey undertones.

Will share more pictures on Saturday 🙂

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Favorite day.

Hello dear readers! Sorry again for my absence – things have been quite busy around here.

I’d like to start by asking if you have a favorite day of the week. So, do you have a favorite day of the week? I most definitely do – Thursdays. For the longest time in college Thursday night was the best night of the week because the OC was on (you know, Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, etc.) and a bunch of girls would crowd in the basement of the dorms and watch it together. The tone of the rest of the week was pretty much set by how the episode went…stressful, exciting, happy, sad… You get the picture.

Anyway. I was thinking about this because today was an exceptionally good Thursday (even though I love all Thursdays.)

Good day at work. Lunch with Claire (a co-worker from my previous job) at Sushi101 in Charlotte. Uneventful drive home. Haircut (!!). And now a relaxing evening at home with a frozen dinner (so easy) and a glass of wine (so delicious.)

If you live in the Charlotte area and need a hairdresser I would LOVE to recommend Kat at Planet 21 salon in The Arboretum. She is amazing. Cuts my bangs like a million bucks every time – and no one has ever been able to do that!

I digress.

This weekend we’re heading to my parents house to see my family and one of my brothers friends. We’re also multipurposing the trip by heading down to Roswell, GA to buy an item of furniture I’ve mentioned previously here on the ol’ blog…

Any guesses?


Yayyy! Ballard Designs has two outlet type stores in the Atlanta area (closer to us than Florida, where there other locations are) and since we’ll be halfway there this weekend at my parents house we’re going to go buy one!

We looked into other options, but ultimately this one is the right one for us right now. It’s the right price, and while the quality isn’t heirloom (like the $4,000 custom one we looked at) it doesn’t make sense to buy a piece at that price when we’re working on furnishing our entire house!

So, there you have it. I wish we were buying the chairs too, I just love the ones in the picture, but unfortunately I’m doubtful that the outlet will have 4 side chairs and two armchairs in a fabric that we love… Although I would loooove to be proven wrong!

Pictures to come of our dining room with furniture in it when we return! Stay tuned!

And, most importantly, Happy Thursday. I hope you all had a beautiful day.

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Making progress.

And yet again I’ve been a bad blogger. I decided on my way home from work on Friday that my blogging habits have been going the way that my ‘exercise habits’ typically go – as in, I stick to them for a while, and then they dissipate entirely. 😦 I’m going to make an honest effort to be better (blogging, not exercising (at least for now)).

One of the reasons I’ve been so absent is that Mr. Hubs and I had our wood floors on the first floor redone – woo HOO! Yes, that means we were displaced from our house for about a week which was pretty chaotic. I packed up just about everything in my closet for the mix of work days, weekend mountain days and casual days. Mess.

But, let’s start with the oldest projects first… and let me preface this by saying, if you’re not in the mood to read a book, you may want to come back to this another day!

About three weeks ago we got around the painting the brass fireplace doors. We took them off of the fireplace months ago when we wanted to clean it out and scrub the brick and are SO glad to have it back up in it’s fancy new state. Our mindset on this was to clean it up, make it consistent with the other metals we’re using in the house (oil rubbed bronze and/or silvers) – in this case oil rubbed bronze since that’s the color of the curtain rod in the room and also the color of the chandeliers we recently painted.

The steps are the same we went through for the chandeliers. Take down, take apart as much as you desire, scrub scrub scrub, dry it off, paint. Easy.

Since last time I posted we’ve also had the wood floors redone! We had some water damage in the dining room that needed to be taken care of so while we were at it we also had wood floors added to the red headed step child of a room family room. We figured since we were already having to move all of our furniture out of the first floor that this was probably the perfect opportunity to take care of this project too.

Unfortunately I don’t really have a good picture of the floors, but I can show you the before (below) and you can notice the afters in the following pictures.

(pergo – ew)

(installed but not yet sanded/finished)

So, with the new floors all shiny and clean we wanted some rugs to help keep them protected and also to keep our feet warm in the winter. We went around to several carpet stores, some discount remnant stores and then the local Ollies (have you heard of them? they’re kind of like big lots…kind of) where we found a wonderful remnant for something like $70 bucks. Can’t. Beat. That. We bought some carpet pad (also cheap) at Ollies and then scrambled around to find a place to bind/surge the edges because we’re impatient like that…

Needless to say, we love it. It’s wonderful. But we’ve both decided it’s a little light to be the main carpet in a room we use so much. We considered this when we bought it and have both decided its permanent home (when we find a better color for in here) will be in the formal living room. No harm done.

On the same rug train… I was browsing around recently online looking for runners for the hallway and I found the most wonderful one on

(image from

After about 36 hours of not buying the runner I couldn’t take it any more – so I ordered the runner and the 5 x 8′ version for the entryway. And, you have to love overstocks quick (and cheap) shipping; the rug and runner were here within three days and they are even more wonderful than I thought they would be. I got a little nervous that the brown would clash with the color on our walls but, thankfully, it doesn’t. It’s perfect!

Something else that has been bothering us is our TV situation in the family room. Currently it sits on our coffee table…which isn’t too bad, except that a coffee table would come in handy! We’d been browsing around, but since the floors hadn’t been installed and had missing areas of pergo (from where we ripped out the built ins) we didn’t really see any reason to invest in a solution until now…

We knew we wanted something that looked more like a piece of furniture and less like a media storage piece, and we knew we wanted something affordable. The space is small and there is also a vent that competes for some room in that corner but we saw this and knew it would be perfect.

(image from

And here it is after about 3 hours of assembly (thanks for the not mentioning assembly, walmart!) 😦

We need to adjust the drawer rollers just a little but as soon as we do that it will be on its very heavy way into the family room to resolve our TV-on-the-coffee-table problem.

The other ‘major’ thing we’ve done since I went on my little impromptu hiatus is install curtains in the formal living room. I picked out curtains from JCPenney and curtain rods/hardware from Macy’s. After the dust settled from the wood floors (and also from my efforts to clean all the dust off of the walls) we picked a Saturday morning and got this done! I LOVE them. LOVE. Love love love.

So. Other than a little Christmas decorating (and I do mean little) that’s all I’ve got for right now! Have you done anything special in your home lately? Any fun Christmas decor in your home? I’m going shopping after Christmas with hopes of getting some good deals on holiday staples for next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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