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Mirrors are up!

Sorry for the extended absence, dear readers. We had company this weekend (well…Saturday, during the day) – John’s aunt and uncle came up to visit us from Columbia, SC. We’ve also been doing a lot of beer drinking and working out, counter-intuitive I know, but time-consuming, yes…

Anyway, in the midst of all of the other things, we did finally find time to hang the mirrors in our downstairs hallway. You’ll have to pardon the grainy pictures; we hung the mirrors after work (and after dinner) and clearly it was dark by then!

We basically decided that we wanted the mirrors grouped on the wall (rather than spaced evenly in the open space) and we accounted for the door that leads to the family room that we always leave open unless there is a mouse, but that’s a story for a different time. The hubs did some math and figured out that if we left roughly 14 inches between the door/doorways, we could leave roughly 7 inches between each mirror, and we liked how that worked out so we went for it.

You may remember that we were having a little bit of trouble figuring out how to hang the mirrors (here). We decided that it would be easiest, even though not preferred, to just hang them off of screws. That meant we had to do a little bit of extra measuring and leveling but in the end it worked out. Just remember “measure twice, “drill” once””. I may have stolen that from every grandfather/woodshop teacher in the world…but it is good advise.

Since we were on a roll we also decided to hang this painting of our house, painted by my grandmother, in our upstairs hallway between the guest bedroom doors.

So, that’s about it. These are really the first things we’ve hung on the walls and it is amazing how much personality they add.

What type of wall decor do you prefer. Mirrors, paintings? Abstract, detailed? Share!






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The chairs are here!

Two posts in one day? You lucky ducks…

This weekend has been full of interesting things. As you read a few days ago, I found some sweet chairs on Craigslist and recruited my friend Claire to come with me to pick them up on Saturday…you know, so I wasn’t the next Craigslist victim.

We had a lovely day and the chairs are beautiful (definitely in need of some TLC). I swung by her house around 11:30 and we made it to the chairs shortly after noon. We crammed them in the back of my 2001 go-cart hatchback and bungee’d the trunk shut so that nothing would fly out. Then, being the foodies we are, we went for lunch and a drink at On the Border. We both had soft taco’s although Claire was healthier than me (as usual) and opted for mahi mahi instead of pulled beef brisket topped with fried onion strips…oh well! You can read more about the food on her healthy living blog Dine-and-Dash.

Back to the chairs… Here they are in our formal living room. I think this is where they’ll live 99% of the time.

Now, as I mentioned, these need a revamp 1) because they do not match, 2) because they are pretty beaten up and 3) because these fabrics are awful. Gag. I’m thinking we’ll either paint (white) or stain (very dark) the legs and wood trim around the backs. Just so you know, I’m totally torn. For once the Mr. actually wants me to paint something and I feel like they should be stained. I’ve seen cute versions both ways…

We’ll also be reupholstering them ourselves. For the fabric, I’m pretty sure I want to keep these solid and I’m also pretty sure that they need to be velvet; it just seems like the right choice for the chairs! Maybe a light beigey blue color? Using (poorly, might I add) handy dandy photoshop I’ve come up with the picture below which is (as of today) the direction I’m thinking.

Needless to say, your suggestions, opinions and personal experiences/recommendations are more than welcome! I’ve found tons of images online, and photoshopped a few other options that further confuse me!

I think we’re definitely favoring the stained legs….

Today the Mr. took care of the yard, mowing (and simultaneously picking up pine cones, leaves and sweet gum balls), doing a little landscape removal and then planting a garden. Busy guy!

In case you were wondering, these bushes were super close to the house and in the way of the walkway from the garage to the back porch…we basically hate them, so now they are gone!

(this photoshoot was cat approved)

And, to wrap things up here, a mirror update. I tried to hang these suckers today…but as you can see from the picture below, the hooks are really close to the top which means even when the wire is pulled tight you’ll still be able to see it (and the nail it’s hanging from) on the wall. Not ideal. At all. FYI – this was also a cat approved project, especially the wire.

Any thoughts on the chairs are appreciated. Also, suggestions for a better way to hang these mirrors!

Hope you’ve all had fantastic weekends. 🙂



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Slipper chairs.

Ahhh, awesome Craigslist score.

I’m heading out tomorrow with my friend Claire to pick up these beauties for $100 smackeroo’s.

I’m picturing them stained a little darker, and with some new fabric, in the formal living room (but easily pulled into another space if needed).

Suggestions on fabric choice? I’m thinking velvet. Either turquoise-ey or a light blue with warm beigey undertones.

Will share more pictures on Saturday 🙂

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Quick mirror update.

Good news! I sent out the search crews (aka, my mom) and she found TWO of the mirrors in her local TJ Maxx store. Not before dragging my husband out (after working out) to two stores, without directions, after work yesterday though…

Search OVER!

What’s the best deal you’ve ever scored for your home? Anything you’ve lusted after and then found a fantastic ‘look for less’ deal on?

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No, not the kind of hunting that involves stomping around in the woods… The kind that involves one sweet Marshalls/TJ Maxx/HomeGoods score that, in turn, has left me calmly looking running ALL around town like a maniac searching for two additional matching pieces….because I know they exist. I. Know. It.

What are the magical pieces? I’ll give you a hint.

(image from Crate & Barrel)

(image source unknown)

(image from Grandin Road)

Yep, mirrors. Big beveled mirrors, in mirrored frames!

Now, if you’re in the Charlotte and surrounding area and you find yourself in the general vicinity of one of these stores, I expect that you’ll take a quick run in to the store, straight to the mirror section (like I’ve been doing) and do a little due diligence in scoping out the final missing piece. Meanwhile, I’ll be coming up with excuses to go out of my way to stores I haven’t already scoped out.

Wish me luck.

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Bad news, good news and better news.

So, bad news, good news and better news.

Bad news first. We didn’t come back from Atlanta with a dining room table. When we saw it in person on Saturday it was actually laughably small – it even seemed shorter than a standard table. Maybe it wasn’t, and it was just the small size that made it seem short, but either way we knew it wasn’t the table for us. The take-away from this is that when you’re buying something pricey, that is supposed to be a staple piece in your home for years to come, you generally want to see it in person before you make the investment. We could have ordered it and sent it back, but then we would have been out our shipping money and the time spent at home waiting for the delivery, only to be disappointed.

Good news. We left Ballard Designs with an 8×10′ jute rug which I am in love with. The rug is soft, which I have found to be unusual in jute rugs, usually they’re scratchy…so that’s a plus!

(image from Ballard Designs)

(image from Ballard Designs)

And, here it is in our ever-so-empty room.

I like it! What do you think?

So, on to better news…

The hubs and I did buy a dining room table today. After being so disappointed with the table we thought we would most definitely love we decided to go back to the table that we initially loved.  And tonight, after work, we went out and bought the table and a few other ‘surprise’ pieces! Even better news, it all delivers on Wednesday.

Until then, I’m keeping it a secret!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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A Tuesday visit from Furnitureland South.

Yes, readers. That’s correct. Furnitureland South paid a visit to our casa yesterday around lunchtime to deliver our final piece of furniture – the sofa for the family room!

They were about an hour early, which was a bit frustrating, but really not that bad because at the end of it all I still have a new sofa!

Not the best picture, but you get the idea! All I want to do is lounge around on it and find my new favorite spot!

In other news, this furniture delivery has set my mind back into gear on decorating this room. I guess I couldn’t justify even thinking about it before with our previous couch (which we are donating to my brother), but now I am in full shopping mode again.

I’m fairly certain that I need to add two of these beauties to the side tables…


They’re from and I love them! I’ve always been obsessed with clear glass lamps (ok, clear glass in general) and the idea of fillable lamps, and I think these are just perefect!



Maybe I can talk the Mr. into two of them!



What type of lighting do you have in your living/family room? How about overhead lighting? We’re struggling with what to do because our ceilings aren’t exactly ‘high’ and our room doesn’t get any direct sunlight (plus he wants to have a fan in the room for the hot southern summers)… Suggestions!? Right now I’m leaning towards a low profile white fan with a bowl lighting fixture – in my mind that seems the least distracting from the rest of the room!

lamp images courtesy of


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