No, not the kind of hunting that involves stomping around in the woods… The kind that involves one sweet Marshalls/TJ Maxx/HomeGoods score that, in turn, has left me calmly looking running ALL around town like a maniac searching for two additional matching pieces….because I know they exist. I. Know. It.

What are the magical pieces? I’ll give you a hint.

(image from Crate & Barrel)

(image source unknown)

(image from Grandin Road)

Yep, mirrors. Big beveled mirrors, in mirrored frames!

Now, if you’re in the Charlotte and surrounding area and you find yourself in the general vicinity of one of these stores, I expect that you’ll take a quick run in to the store, straight to the mirror section (like I’ve been doing) and do a little due diligence in scoping out the final missing piece. Meanwhile, I’ll be coming up with excuses to go out of my way to stores I haven’t already scoped out.

Wish me luck.

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