Right now I’m loving.


Ok – so maybe limiting it to “Right now” is a bit…well…limited. I am obsessed. Have been for a while, and anticipate it continuing and probably getting worse.  Have you ever been to the EmersonMade site!? Emerson and her husband run the site/company…all of it…and can I just say they are doing it right! Love the personality and all the excitement, love the clothes, love the dots and adore the duck.

If I could pick just a few things for myself to take home today they’d be

(image from emersonmade.com)

The Great Wide Belt. Seriously. This came across my Facebook news feed this morning and I pretty much stopped what I was doing so that I could go investigate. This is the belt I’ve been searching for for at least the last two years. Perfection.

A Gold Coin Necklace. I don’t even know which one I’d pick, because I love all of the meanings, but I do know that I would probably never take it off. Love.

This Red Robin Dress. The more I look at it, the more I need it. It’s basically perfect.

So…that’s what I’d take away right now if I had to choose. Although, if I’m choosing, I’d choose more than that because I love it all.

In other news, I think my cat just fell off the end table I’m dying for spring and summer so that I can throw a party in the yard. I would want it to look something like this

(image from highglossmagazine.com)

I stumbled across this yesterday evening over on High Gloss (which I stumbled on via Erin Gates’ blog Elements of Style) – a brand new e-mag filled with gorgeous home, fashion and style images and articles. Anyway, back to the picture, I die. The yard, the trees, the chairs… I want it now.

Hope you all had great Thursdays. As you know, they’re my fav. day of the week!


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