Dining Room.

I’m not going to beat around the bush with this one… We got our dining room furniture delivered yesterday afternoon!!!

Wanna see? Ok. I’ll show you.

There was one little hiccup during after the delivery. One of the chairs (actually, the one you see right in the front/center of the picture above) was broken and we didn’t realize it until after the delivery truck was pulling out of our driveway. Thankfully Haverty’s was very reasonable when I called and they’ve already scheduled a date for the chair to be exchanged. Oh – and in case you’re wondering – the set is called Copley Square.

We read some reviews about the finish scratching really easily, so we plan on buying a table pad and tablecloth to keep it safe and beautiful.

My next dilemma is curtains. Clearly we need them. How awkward would having dinner (when it’s dark out) in this room where everyone who drives by can see you!? Not good.

Any suggestions on colors for curtains? I can’t decide if I want to keep it neutral and do an ivory curtain or if I want to do something patterned…or something orange or blue…

So many options.

Now, I’d like to remind you of where we came from…



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2 responses to “Dining Room.

  1. Wow, is that the same house?! Love how the wall colors make the whole room look huge and elegant.

    • Yes, same house and thanks! The yellow walls were just a little too bright (not the best shade of yellow) so we went a little more dramatic. Glad you like it – I’ve been toying with the idea of painting it something different but figured it might be a bit premature for that!

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