Bad news, good news and better news.

So, bad news, good news and better news.

Bad news first. We didn’t come back from Atlanta with a dining room table. When we saw it in person on Saturday it was actually laughably small – it even seemed shorter than a standard table. Maybe it wasn’t, and it was just the small size that made it seem short, but either way we knew it wasn’t the table for us. The take-away from this is that when you’re buying something pricey, that is supposed to be a staple piece in your home for years to come, you generally want to see it in person before you make the investment. We could have ordered it and sent it back, but then we would have been out our shipping money and the time spent at home waiting for the delivery, only to be disappointed.

Good news. We left Ballard Designs with an 8×10′ jute rug which I am in love with. The rug is soft, which I have found to be unusual in jute rugs, usually they’re scratchy…so that’s a plus!

(image from Ballard Designs)

(image from Ballard Designs)

And, here it is in our ever-so-empty room.

I like it! What do you think?

So, on to better news…

The hubs and I did buy a dining room table today. After being so disappointed with the table we thought we would most definitely love we decided to go back to the table that we initially loved.  And tonight, after work, we went out and bought the table and a few other ‘surprise’ pieces! Even better news, it all delivers on Wednesday.

Until then, I’m keeping it a secret!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ya! Can’t wait to seeeeee 🙂

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