Favorite day.

Hello dear readers! Sorry again for my absence – things have been quite busy around here.

I’d like to start by asking if you have a favorite day of the week. So, do you have a favorite day of the week? I most definitely do – Thursdays. For the longest time in college Thursday night was the best night of the week because the OC was on (you know, Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, etc.) and a bunch of girls would crowd in the basement of the dorms and watch it together. The tone of the rest of the week was pretty much set by how the episode went…stressful, exciting, happy, sad… You get the picture.

Anyway. I was thinking about this because today was an exceptionally good Thursday (even though I love all Thursdays.)

Good day at work. Lunch with Claire (a co-worker from my previous job) at Sushi101 in Charlotte. Uneventful drive home. Haircut (!!). And now a relaxing evening at home with a frozen dinner (so easy) and a glass of wine (so delicious.)

If you live in the Charlotte area and need a hairdresser I would LOVE to recommend Kat at Planet 21 salon in The Arboretum. She is amazing. Cuts my bangs like a million bucks every time – and no one has ever been able to do that!

I digress.

This weekend we’re heading to my parents house to see my family and one of my brothers friends. We’re also multipurposing the trip by heading down to Roswell, GA to buy an item of furniture I’ve mentioned previously here on the ol’ blog…

Any guesses?


Yayyy! Ballard Designs has two outlet type stores in the Atlanta area (closer to us than Florida, where there other locations are) and since we’ll be halfway there this weekend at my parents house we’re going to go buy one!

We looked into other options, but ultimately this one is the right one for us right now. It’s the right price, and while the quality isn’t heirloom (like the $4,000 custom one we looked at) it doesn’t make sense to buy a piece at that price when we’re working on furnishing our entire house!

So, there you have it. I wish we were buying the chairs too, I just love the ones in the picture, but unfortunately I’m doubtful that the outlet will have 4 side chairs and two armchairs in a fabric that we love… Although I would loooove to be proven wrong!

Pictures to come of our dining room with furniture in it when we return! Stay tuned!

And, most importantly, Happy Thursday. I hope you all had a beautiful day.

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