Saturday morning musings.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Me and the cat (photo below) are sitting here calmly on the couch watching Top Chef reruns and drinking coffee – enjoying every minute of it. You should know that my current state of calm was JUST preceded by me spilling coffee creamer (the sticky full sugar kind) all over my white wool rug in the kitchen. I know you’re saying “White. Wool. Rug. In the kitchen???” I know… Who does that!? Bad CHOICE!

Anyway, life updates…

The Mr. and I had a rug delivered the other day for the formal living room. A lovely gray/blue Martha Stewart wool rug with some large abstract (and sort of subtle) pattern.

(image from Home Decorators)

Pretty, right? Well, I agree… But unfortunately, after I hauled all 85 pounds of it into the house, wrestled it out of the packaging it was shipped in and unrolled it all the way, we found a few sections of badly pulled fibers. So, even though it was on super sale, it’s going back to the store soon. 😦

I say “going back” and not “being exchanged” because of my other newest obsession… THIS dining room table.

Ahhh!!! Isn’t it pretty!? This is coming home with us VERY soon.

The back story is that I’ve been hunting for a dining room table for just about a year now. I knew I wanted a trestle/double pedestal table and I had my heart set on a stunner from Haverty’s. But, almost every comment I read about that one online mentioned how easily the finish scratches – and spending $1,000 on a dining room table that is going to be all marred after two uses just doesn’t seem like the smart thing for me to do! Plus – this one is slightly more petite in size, which ultimately will be better for our dining room since we also tend to use it as a walkway as well… Hopefully I will be able to avoid slamming my body into the corners as I walk by!

I also made a very exciting impulse purchase on Craigslist yesterday. Let’s just say “mid-century modern dresser” and leave it at that. Update coming soon.

Back to the coffee 🙂

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