Bye bye brass.

This weekend I took on another little DIY project and am SO glad that I did.

Remember the brass chandeliers that we had in our family room and formal living room? You’ve seen glimpses of them here and here (and I’m sure a few other places).

Now do you remember?

Ok – well. I took the chandeliers outside and, after a little bit of cleaning with warm water and some no-rinse cleaning product, I got out my trusty supply of primer and paint and went to town. First I used a hanger from the dry cleaners to hang the chandelier from the tree – I’m sure my neighbors wondered what on earth I was doing when they pulled into their driveway.

My assortment of new and leftover spray paint

Then I went to town. For the first chandelier (the larger of the two) I primed with white even though the Mr. said I should use the new darker primer (FYI – he was right) and then painted over that with Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.

For the second and smaller chandelier I used the darker automotive primer and then followed that up (after it dried of course) with what was left of the Oil Rubbed Bronze.

The result (please pardon the awful picture – I still need to work on taking time to photograph and upload a decent shot, not just my random ‘look what I did!’ shots, before blogging)…

Yay!!! It looks SO much better!

We really should have waited a while longer to hang them to let the paint cure and harden, but, again…we get excited and want it done now. Patience is something we should work on…

We have also decided to take down, clean and paint our foyer and upstairs hall lights the same oil rubbed bronze color!

Also – always remember to take off your jewelry before you spray paint…that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!



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2 responses to “Bye bye brass.

  1. Stephanie

    I love it!!! 😀

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