New decorating mission.

I’ve realized a common item that appears in rooms that I love.

Greenery. Plants. Flowers.

(image source unknown)

(image above from HGTV dream home)

(image above from decorpad)

I would say that 99% of the rooms I love and that I have saved to my computer for inspiration have plants in them. So I have decided that next time the hubs and I head out to our local home improvement store we’re going to bring a plant back home with us!

But, because we have a feline friend in the house we can’t simply go and bring home any plant because we don’t want to get something that is toxic for cats. That would be bad. So, after a little research our main contenders are:

Burro’s tail – a succulent that is cat friendly, yay!

Bamboo palm – safe for kitty and PERFECT for our formal room because this plant likes to get a decent amount of light, and our formal room definitely does.

Boston fern

I was really hoping that asparagus fern would be an option because I love how furry and fluffy it is, but unfortunately this one is toxic for kitty.

So anyway, not the worlds most exciting update, but important to me none the less! And, at the end of the day, not only will our rooms look a little nicer, but the air in our house will be a little fresher as well!

Favorite plants for indoors? Anyone?

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