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Saturday morning musings.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Me and the cat (photo below) are sitting here calmly on the couch watching Top Chef reruns and drinking coffee – enjoying every minute of it. You should know that my current state of calm was JUST preceded by me spilling coffee creamer (the sticky full sugar kind) all over my white wool rug in the kitchen. I know you’re saying “White. Wool. Rug. In the kitchen???” I know… Who does that!? Bad CHOICE!

Anyway, life updates…

The Mr. and I had a rug delivered the other day for the formal living room. A lovely gray/blue Martha Stewart wool rug with some large abstract (and sort of subtle) pattern.

(image from Home Decorators)

Pretty, right? Well, I agree… But unfortunately, after I hauled all 85 pounds of it into the house, wrestled it out of the packaging it was shipped in and unrolled it all the way, we found a few sections of badly pulled fibers. So, even though it was on super sale, it’s going back to the store soon. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I say “going back” and not “being exchanged” because of my other newest obsession… THIS dining room table.

Ahhh!!! Isn’t it pretty!? This is coming home with us VERY soon.

The back story is that I’ve been hunting for a dining room table for just about a year now. I knew I wanted a trestle/double pedestal table and I had my heart set on a stunner from Haverty’s. But, almost every comment I read about that one online mentioned how easily the finish scratches – and spending $1,000 on a dining room table that is going to be all marred after two uses just doesn’t seem like the smart thing for me to do! Plus – this one is slightly more petite in size, which ultimately will be better for our dining room since we also tend to use it as a walkway as well… Hopefully I will be able to avoid slamming my body into the corners as I walk by!

I also made a very exciting impulse purchase on Craigslist yesterday. Let’s just say “mid-century modern dresser” and leave it at that. Update coming soon.

Back to the coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

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My decorating motto.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

-William Morris

This is what I am going to try my hardest to achieve; a house full of things that I love and things that I use.


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Cooler weather has immensely increased my desire to 1) eat comfort food and 2) decorate our house so that it feels รผber cozy and festive in preparation for the chilly months ahead…

Unfortunately these things aren’t working so well for me. 1) I’m trying to stay away from stuffing my face with all kinds of delicious warm foods for sake of my waist line and 2) we have very little ‘decor’ to begin with, so I can’t really re-purpose things to make them ‘feel like fall’.

Nevertheless, here are some ideas I’m in love with for fall that incorporate things you have in your house with minor seasonal details – you know, so you aren’t spending tons of money on things for fall that are going to have to be stowed away for an entire year once winter rolls around…

(image source unknown)

A simple table runner (or several layered runners – I can’t tell), hurricane candle holder, coffee beans and some brown ribbon make this dining room perfectly seasonal and simple! I also love how this isn’t too casual or overly formal.

Love that these incorporate wheat, acorns, twigs and leaves. I think these would be great clustered together on a mantle or as a centerpiece on a lesser used table.

Love these – clustered together on a tray that’s sitting on an ottoman or end table. Clearly I need some little bundles of wheat in my life right now…

(image from

Love how much color this natural wreath has!

(image from

So – there you have it. Some ideas for fall decorating that I’m hoping to eventually incorporate into our home!

Are you doing anything seasonal in your abode? Anything unique you’ve seen that you loved?

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Riddling racks.

I am OBSESSED with riddling racks.

What is a riddling rack, you ask.

Yep – that’s right. A place to store wine.

Well, actually, the process was used waaaaay back when they started making champagne. The longer the champagne sits in the positions that this rack allows for, the more complex the bubbly! Yum.

Anyway, the one above is gorgeous, but unless I can find one that is super tall and skinny (thereby making a nice home for itself in a lesser used corner of our home) I have my heart set on a wall mounted version a-la the pictures below. I also am not trying to make champagne, rather to simply store my wine in an interesting and effective way.

(image above courtesy of viva terra)

Nice, right?! Art AND wine storage!

Another plus is that it takes the wine out of the kitchen and into another room, maybe the formal dining room. And it also keeps it in a position where the cork stays wet – which as we all know is very important.

I will say though, that I’ve seen a TON of these where the wine bottle isn’t as angled, and it’s still hanging on the wall. And that terrifies me. It just looks like the weight of the bottle will make the neck snap right off which is not good one of the worst things I can think of right now. I mean, who wants to waste wine! And beyond that, who wants to waste wine and destroy your wall/carpet/floor…ah.

(image courtesy of it’s the little things that make a house a home)

So anyway – I plan on attempting to build one of these (with the help of the ever so handy hubs) because they are pricy to say the least!

This also leaves me wondering how and where do you store your wine. Do you have a wine cooler? Wine storage built-in to a piece of furniture or room in your house? Do you even like wine? Do you have any recommendations for me on where I can store MY wine?!

Or, more importantly, what is your favorite wine!?


And now I’m thirsty.

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Bye bye brass.

This weekend I took on another little DIY project and am SO glad that I did.

Remember the brass chandeliers that we had in our family room and formal living room? You’ve seen glimpses of them here and here (and I’m sure a few other places).

Now do you remember?

Ok – well. I took the chandeliers outside and, after a little bit of cleaning with warm water and some no-rinse cleaning product, I got out my trusty supply of primer and paint and went to town. First I used a hanger from the dry cleaners to hang the chandelier from the tree – I’m sure my neighbors wondered what on earth I was doing when they pulled into their driveway.

My assortment of new and leftover spray paint

Then I went to town. For the first chandelier (the larger of the two) I primed with white even though the Mr. said I should use the new darker primer (FYI – he was right) and then painted over that with Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.

For the second and smaller chandelier I used the darker automotive primer and then followed that up (after it dried of course) with what was left of the Oil Rubbed Bronze.

The result (please pardon the awful picture – I still need to work on taking time to photograph and upload a decent shot, not just my random ‘look what I did!’ shots, before blogging)…

Yay!!! It looks SO much better!

We really should have waited a while longer to hang them to let the paint cure and harden, but, again…we get excited and want it done now. Patience is something we should work on…

We have also decided to take down, clean and paint our foyer and upstairs hall lights the same oil rubbed bronze color!

Also – always remember to take off your jewelry before you spray paint…that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!



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