A Tuesday visit from Furnitureland South.

Yes, readers. That’s correct. Furnitureland South paid a visit to our casa yesterday around lunchtime to deliver our final piece of furniture – the sofa for the family room!

They were about an hour early, which was a bit frustrating, but really not that bad because at the end of it all I still have a new sofa!

Not the best picture, but you get the idea! All I want to do is lounge around on it and find my new favorite spot!

In other news, this furniture delivery has set my mind back into gear on decorating this room. I guess I couldn’t justify even thinking about it before with our previous couch (which we are donating to my brother), but now I am in full shopping mode again.

I’m fairly certain that I need to add two of these beauties to the side tables…


They’re from Amazon.com and I love them! I’ve always been obsessed with clear glass lamps (ok, clear glass in general) and the idea of fillable lamps, and I think these are just perefect!



Maybe I can talk the Mr. into two of them!



What type of lighting do you have in your living/family room? How about overhead lighting? We’re struggling with what to do because our ceilings aren’t exactly ‘high’ and our room doesn’t get any direct sunlight (plus he wants to have a fan in the room for the hot southern summers)… Suggestions!? Right now I’m leaning towards a low profile white fan with a bowl lighting fixture – in my mind that seems the least distracting from the rest of the room!

lamp images courtesy of amazon.com


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One response to “A Tuesday visit from Furnitureland South.

  1. Agreed on the lighting 🙂 But you already know that…HAPPY BIRTHDAY Southern blogger! I love the new post!!!

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