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Um. Score!

No, this is not a sports reference. This is a lamp reference.

Please pardon the book…

This past Saturday I went to get a haircut and on the way back was feeling pretty good about myself decided to stop into the Marshall’s that is on my way home. My original intention was to find some nice every day glasses for our kitchen. We only have nice stemmed water glasses and etched crystal lowball bar glasses in our cabinets (with the exception of about 6 random normal glasses) and I decided it was time for a little consistency! I also was tired of ruining our nice glassware!

So, in I go – browsing the clothing, trying things on, finding a sweater, opening and going through every box of glasses that they have in the store being the indecisive person that I am, making the executive decision to move away from the glasses and come back to pick them up after browsing the rest of the store….etc. I wandered through the towels, bedding and furniture and then saw a big display of lamps in the middle of the store and decided to go wander through the lamps as well – you never know… I figured maybe I would find two matching lamps that I liked, even if they weren’t the ones I had my heart set on from the last post.

I was looking through the shelves and I spotted it. The lamp from online! It wasn’t exactly the same, but…clear base, silver metal, white-ish shade…certainly a look alike. I flipped it over and saw a sticker that said it was fillable… Price tag, $39.99. Insert extreme excitement and then the massive panic that took place when I realized that I needed to be lucky enough to find a second lamp. Good news – I did! I almost didn’t though, clear lamps are hard to spot!

Pardon our mess (we just cut the tags off the furniture).

One more picture that almost showcases them both! I’ve been too lazy to grab my SLR and photograph these the way they deserve…but, you get the idea.

Moral of the story. I need to get my hair cut and stop into Marshall’s and TJ Maxx more often. FYI – I also bought 8 glasses and the Mr. loves them (he also loves the lamps.)

What’s the best random find you’ve had?! Any great look alike items?

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A Tuesday visit from Furnitureland South.

Yes, readers. That’s correct. Furnitureland South paid a visit to our casa yesterday around lunchtime to deliver our final piece of furniture – the sofa for the family room!

They were about an hour early, which was a bit frustrating, but really not that bad because at the end of it all I still have a new sofa!

Not the best picture, but you get the idea! All I want to do is lounge around on it and find my new favorite spot!

In other news, this furniture delivery has set my mind back into gear on decorating this room. I guess I couldn’t justify even thinking about it before with our previous couch (which we are donating to my brother), but now I am in full shopping mode again.

I’m fairly certain that I need to add two of these beauties to the side tables…


They’re from and I love them! I’ve always been obsessed with clear glass lamps (ok, clear glass in general) and the idea of fillable lamps, and I think these are just perefect!



Maybe I can talk the Mr. into two of them!



What type of lighting do you have in your living/family room? How about overhead lighting? We’re struggling with what to do because our ceilings aren’t exactly ‘high’ and our room doesn’t get any direct sunlight (plus he wants to have a fan in the room for the hot southern summers)… Suggestions!? Right now I’m leaning towards a low profile white fan with a bowl lighting fixture – in my mind that seems the least distracting from the rest of the room!

lamp images courtesy of


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House Obsessesion

Well, it’s time to go ahead and say it. I’m obsessed with a house.

I stumbled across this house (below) on Cococozy, a decor and interior design blog that I read almost every day. She got the opportunity to talk with one of the people from the interior design company Hunter-Barnes, located in Los Angeles, who worked on the interior of this fabulous home.

I think what I love most about the house is that I feel like a lot of the elements can be done in my house because they’re stylistically a little similar. I could be way off base with this, but it makes me feel good, so I’m going to pretend that this is accurate. I mean, just look at the color in that dining room! It’s so pretty. I was telling my husband the other day that even though my feelings might be definitely are a bit premature, I kind of want to paint the dining room a light seafoam/blue/gray.

This picture of the entryway is where I really lose it. How GORGEOUS!!! I am most obsessed (and it is bad, not even joking) with the light fixture. It is PERFECT for our entry. I’ve found several options (and after about 8 hours of research, the exact one featured here) that would work in our house and not blow our budget out of the water (the one here is around $800). More on that later though…

Perfection. I don’t think there is one thing about this room that I dislike. The things I love most, however, are the two linen Charles of London armchairs (figuring out the style of these also took almost an entire day of research shopping) on the right and the rug. I mean, I love the whole room, but like I said, things I love most – it’s hard to pick, really. I have also firmed up my decision to add more of this gorgeous light blue to our formal living room, maybe through a rug…

Swoon. It is at this point that my urge to refinish our floors in a darker stain has become almost unbearable. And look at those bookshelves and the gorgeous lighting!

Yep. I’d most definitely sleep in this bedroom/live in this house.

So, my obsession leaves me wondering… Do you have a favorite part of this home – or a home you feel this strongly inspired by?

I’ll share my ‘finds’ that were inspired by this house soon. In the meantime, head on over to Cococozy to see several more pictures of this stunning home!

Photos courtesy of Cococozy and Hunter-Barnes

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The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

For Christmas, John bought me a book I had been wanting to read – The Gospel According to Coco Chanel. Up until our trip to Michigan I’d read a few pages and was enjoying it, but with all of the time in the car on that trip I got a chance to read some more and now I am loving it!

It’s a light, fun read that gives you some insight into who Coco really was and all that she did for the fashion world. It’s nothing too in-depth, but it is certainly entertaining and informative! Plus, they have a lot of great horse/equestrian references and, as a once-avid equestrian, I’m all about that!

“Clearly, the greatest life lesson in this book is that knowing how to ride a horse will never fail to impress.”

“…as anyone who has horses in her life knows, for every hour in the saddle there are hours and hours of cooling down, bathing, brushing, hoof picking, etc.”

Both so true.

Anyhow, all of this thinking of Chanel leaves me lusting over her tweedy jackets and 2.55 bags wanting to decorate our formal room with stately equestrian inspired things and images of horses. I am so indecisive.

(Image courtesy of

Are there any great fashion reads on your shelf? I think my next purchase will be a coffee table/fashion photography book about Carolina Herrera…

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