Weekend fun…

This weekend was so much fun.

Friday I came home from work early to accept our furniture delivery from Furnitureland South. They were delivering two of the three pieces we ordered; both for our formal living room.

This isn’t our final layout, obviously, but I wanted to share the pieces with you! We’re really happy with both of them and now I have the main pieces so I can start accessorizing! You should know that Saturday night I caught our cat scratching on the corner of the couch AND this morning I came downstairs and she had thrown up on the sofa – THANKS CAT, NOT.

Friday evening we entertained in the house for the first time. We had about 1o people from my husbands work over to the house and had a blast.

Saturday and Sunday we lounged around, cleaned up and ran some errands. I also got ambitious and decided I was going to spray paint a pair of lamps that we already owned (you can kind of see one of the lamps on the table in the picture above), so while we were out at the store we picked up primer and paint.

Our cast of characters: matching lamps (from goodwill for $3 each), spray primer, spray paint, damp cloth for wiping away dust, drop cloth and Reynolds wrap.

First I changed into clothes that I hate and took off all my jewelry – I’m a messy painter, what can I say. Then I wiped down the lamps to be sure that they weren’t dusty. At this point you may be wondering what they Reynolds wrap is for…

Duh – to wrap the parts of the lamp that you need to keep safe, like the top part (is there a name for that?? the socket??) and the cord.

Then I started spraying…

Coat one of primer. Note: I introduced a box into the cast of characters as a pseudo wind protector, but it didn’t work very well.

Coat two of primer. It was at this point I decided I would start with the color, what can I say, I’m impatient.

After about two coats of Valspar Porcelain spray paint, this is what we had. After letting everything dry overnight (and while I was at work today) I looked the lamps over really well and think I’ll go do a third coat on them, but not tonight! Next up is finding the perfect set of shades for them!

Also, I think I’m becoming addicted to spray painting. Have you spray painted anything recently? Share!

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