Yardwork and Bacon Caprese Burgers!

It was another relatively overcast day in Charlotte today and the weatherman was calling for rain in the early afternoon. John jumped out of bed today and got right outside so that he could mow the lawn and get started on some other outdoor work before the rain moved in.

What might the ‘other outdoor work’ be, you ask? More chainsawing branches off trees, of course! These needed to come down as they were encroaching on our driveway space – they were also dropping a bunch of sweet gum balls onto the driveway and blocking the landscaping below from getting any sun.

When we got these limbs down I noticed these cute little baby leaves… Don’t they have great color!

After we were finished dragging all the limbs down to the road and arranged it in nice piles for the garbage crews we lounged around the house for a while and got cleaned up. We checked out a creepy little carpet remnant store and then went to Lowes Home Improvement to pick up a few things for the yard. It was at this point, about 5pm, that John was very upset he woke up early this morning to mow because it still hadn’t rained.

Ok. Now to the important stuff. Dinner. The highlight of my day!

I saw this recipe for Baby Bacon Caprese Burgers over on Food’o Del Mundo today while randomly browsing around online (looking for ideas for dinner.) I had to make a trip to the grocery store anyway so the hubby and I decided we’d try this. And can I just say, we are SO glad we did. We made a few adjustments to make these more 2-person-dinner appropriate and they were phenomenal. I only had a chance to snap one quick picture before we gobbled them up (you should click over to their website via the links above for a real picture!) I think we’re going to have them again tomorrow for dinner, so maybe I’ll get a better picture for you!

Bacon Caprese Burgers (Recipe source Food’o Del Mundo)


1 1/2 strips bacon, roughly chopped

1/2 lb. ground beef

2 slices fresh mozzarella

fresh basil leaves

1 tomato, sliced

Mayo or Dijon mustard

2 hamburger buns

salt and pepper


Cook the bacon in a fry pan until crisp, this is important because if the bacon isn’t crisp it will just get soggy in the burger. Drain the bacon bits on paper towels and allow to cool. Mix the ground beef and cooked bacon in a bowl until the bacon is completely incorporated into the meat.

Make 2 patties out of the beef/bacon mixture and season both sides with salt and pepper.

Grill the burgers until they’re cooked to your preference. A few minutes on each side is what we like. When they’re almost done put a slice of mozzarella on each and let them sit on the grill for about 30 more seconds (just enough to let the cheese get warm.) Place a burger on each bun and layer with basil leaves and tomatoes. Spread a small dollop of mayo on the inside part of each top bun and enjoy!

You should also know that I learned a nifty trick for storing basil today. Because who wants to spend $2.50 on basil, use 6 leaves and have the rest go bad? Not me. If you trim the ends of the basil’s stems, place them into the cup of water and place the cup in a spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight. This should prolong the life of the herb at least a few days – I’ll let you know if it fails miserably!

Now for some Stephanie/John time and a cocktail (or three). Happy Saturday!

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