This past weekend (8/7) John and I were invited to go to one of his colleagues weddings here in Charlotte! Needless to say, we were PUMPED about the opportunity to go to a wedding that we didn’t have to travel to. Not that we dislike traveling (especially for weddings), just that it gets very expensive, very quickly, to be traveling around for short weekend trips.

Since we seldom go uptown for the evening we decided to splurge (ha) and get a room – and share the room, and the cost, with his friend Ryan, who also lives in Charlotte. Win, win for everyone involved! This gave us the opportunity to, lets just say, fully enjoy ourselves.

The venue was gorgeous, the bride was gorgeous (see the last picture my camera took below), the whole evening was wonderful! After the wedding was over a few of us went to a local bar the keep the party going – unfortunately for me my camera battery died after the ceremony so I have zero documentation of the night. So. Sad. (You have no idea how upset I still am.)

I know it’s a picture of her back… But trust me, she looked amazing! I can’t wait to see their professional photos courtesy of Charlotte’s own Cyn Kain photography.

I wish they would get married again so I could go back (with a very charged battery) and do the night over again!

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