Fresh air…

Last weekend it was pretty cool (80’s) in the Charlotte and surrounding area so John and I took the delightful break from the heat to do a little yard work.

The holly bush tree on the right side of the picture was pretty overgrown and rubbing against the house/causing some minor issues with the gutters. On the left side of the picture you can see a big green bush behind the red roses – that thing was half dead! Not even kidding, the front side was all leafy and the back side was short stubby twigs.

We borrowed the chain saw (and a pole saw), made a trip to Lowes Home Improvement to get a new spark plug for the chainsaw and then John got to work.

He’s so good!

And, after we chopped the tree apart even further, cut down the bush and dragged all the limbs to the curb in neat little piles, we have this…

We cleaned up a little more after the fact – got all the stumps and limbs out of the way and blew off the driveway, but I forgot to take a picture of that! We’re really pleased with the result; it really opens up the yard. And, even better, our hard-to-please neighbors even commented that it looks better now. Yay!

We have lots more work to do outside so I’ll keep you posted as we make mini-milestones!

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