Painted windows and walls!

I am a bad blogger!

This post has been sitting here for three days, untouched and I still am not sure I’m ready to finish it. I suppose I must to move on to bigger and better things…

I realized in the last post I forgot to go through the process that was painting the windows. When we were discussing what we wanted done to the house with the painters they suggested that, since we were going to go ahead and paint all of the trim when the ceilings were painted, maybe we should consider painting all of the windows and windowsills in the house too. Then they explained that there is this fabulous new way that they do it… They spray a ‘clear coating’ over the glass in the windows and then spray the white paint over that. After everything has dried for about two days, they go back through with a razor and lightly cut through the layers on the glass beside the wood and peel off what’s covering the glass leaving only nice bright white paint on the wooden parts of the window.

Sounds complicated, right? And messy? Well, complicated it’s really not…but messy, it most definitely is…

It was a scary sight for several days and had our neighbors wondering what the heck was going on in the house!

And this is what it looked like as they started cutting out the squares. I’m not really sure why they have any cut out at this stage, maybe just a few here and there for light? Whatever it was – they had to let this dry for a few days and while it was drying they painted!!!

Speaking of paint…

Picking out paint colors was really difficult for me. If you know me, you know that I am terribly indecisive. I credit it to the fact that I like SO many things that I have a hard time just picking one and sticking with it!

Add to that the short amount of time that I actually had to decide on the colors and you have a recipe for success stress. Once we decided we were actually going to paint, I had about 2 weeks ( I may have exaggerated in an earlier post when I said it was 76 hours…whoops) to make my final decision on the colors for the house. Yikes!

We picked up the Sherwin Williams paint deck and I think from that moment on, for about two weeks, I only thought about colors. I knew I wanted to stay pretty neutral, but I didn’t want to shell out all the cash for our house to be shades of white (even though a lot of my recent obsessions have been white rooms). And I didn’t want to go too dark, or too brown, or too gray, or too….you see where I’m going.

I settled on the taupe section of the paint deck and did the most looking there. I didn’t want anything to warm, or too cool, or too green so I spent every waking bit of time we had in the house (at night, after work, in the dark) holding tiny chips up to the wall and trying to imagine what it would look like without the influence of the yellow walls that were there or the yellowish light that the incandescent bulbs were throwing off. Bad. Thank goodness we had a weekend (aka daylight hours) working in our favor. And even better, my parents were coming to town that weekend so that meant I’d have mom’s assistance in picking my final colors. (She’s basically an expert – we’ve moved all over the place and because of that she’s picked paint about a bazillion times.)

If I can offer any paint advice it would be 1) before you paint save pictures of rooms you like to your computer, go through these and see if there are any trends in wall colors you like, 2) try to take the paint chips out of the home improvement/paint store and into some natural lighting  – try to look at the chip at several different times of the day and under several different types of lighting and 3) don’t second guess yourself!

We settled on these colors…

SW-7041, Smokehouse

SW-7038, Tony Taupe

SW-6013, Bitter Chocolate

SW-6011, Chinchilla

SW-6108, Latte

SW-6106, Kilim Beige

SW-6424, Tansy Green

SW-6423, Ryegrass

SW-7031, Mega Greige

I know it looks like a lot, but we have chair rail molding throughout several of the rooms in the house and we wanted to have different colors above/below the chair rail!

Alrighty, without further adieu, paint pictures!

Tony Taupe

FYI – I love this color more and more every day!

Chinchilla (top) and Bitter Chocolate (bottom)

Tony Taupe and Smokehouse

Mega Greige


Clearly this is not all of the colors, but believe it or not I still don’t have pictures of every room taken in good light! I’m working on it!

I want to know – what colors did YOU choose when painting!?

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