So, we’ve decided what rooms we need to work on (all of them). We’ve decided what we want done (popcorn removal, ceiling paint, trim paint, window paint, wall paint!!). We’ve decided who we want to do it (professionals).


This is the part where our house turned into a construction zone.

For about 7 painful evenings John and I would come home from work, quickly eat dinner and then rush over to our house from the apartment. This is what we saw. A mess!

They covered what they could.

And scraped the ceiling…

And scraped the ceiling…

And puttied the holes from scraping the ceiling…

Then they started spraying the ceiling and the trim. This, thank goodness, was the part where we stopped panicking – finally some of the demo had stopped and we were seeing some results.

It was also at this point where I had about 76 hours to pick paint colors! Fortunately I have about 8 million pictures of rooms that I like, house inspiration, etc., saved to my computer and I had a good idea what color scheme I wanted to use. John and I rushed out to Sherwin Williams, the supplier used by our pro’s, to pick up a paint deck because I was going to need all of the weekend daylight hours that I had to settle on the right color.

I’ll share pictures of the paint with you soon – but just to tease a little, here are a few of the colors we picked!

Tony Taupe

Bitter Chocolate



Stay tuned for some scary pictures of how they painted our windows and the paint colors we picked!

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