Popcorn and plaid? No thank you!

You probably couldn’t tell from any of the pictures I posted at this point, but our house came with a surplus of popcorn.

No. Not the delicious buttery stuff that makes for a tasty snack.

The horrible, outdated stuff that sits on your ceiling.


Unfortunately in our price range and the type of neighborhood we were looking in – popcorn ceilings were something we couldn’t get away from. And the good news, like I mentioned in my last post, was that we had plenty of time to take care of some renovations pre move-in!

We spent a lot (a lot, a lot) of time trying to figure out how to tackle this project. It’s relatively simple to do, so technically – we could do it, but it’s time consuming and messy. And on top of that it was winter, which means shorter days, and we were both working full time. So we would have been trying this our first time, in a two story house, at night…

We decided that sounded like a bad idea.

We thought about waiting a while to remove the popcorn. But ultimately decided the time to get rid of the popcorn was before we moved in (so that every thing we own didn’t get covered in ceiling grime/dust) and that the people who remove the popcorn should be professionals.

So we started researching what it would take to have someone remove the popcorn ceilings for us. Once we started talking about this we also decided that maybe we should do something about the wallpaper in the house. After trying several methods to remove the wallpaper (which we now know was professionally installed) we decided maybe we would add that to our list of things to ‘let a professional handle.’

We brought in two guys to quote the job, which was now whole house popcorn ceiling removal, whole house painting and wallpaper fixing, and settled on our guy.

Goodbye exotic tiger themed bathroom...

Goodbye strangely colored and textured laundry area...

Goodbye (kind of adorable) orange and gold striped upstairs hallway bathroom...

Goodbye not so bad, but not so good, striped master bathroom...

GOODBYE plaid eating area...

And again, goodbye popcorn ceilings...

Stay tuned for details on our house-turned-construction-zone!

Are there any projects you completed before you moved into your place (house, condo, apartment…home)? Were there any you wish you had done before moving?

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