After we closed on the house we still had several months left on our lease at the apartment which gave us plenty of time to figure out if there were any big projects we wanted to complete on the house before we moved in….the kind of projects that would have been a big hassle to complete once we were living in the house.

You may have noticed in my previous post that there were some really beautiful ‘built-ins’ in the family room – photo below for your viewing pleasure. By really beautiful I mean not beautiful at all. And by ‘built-ins’ I mean…pseudo built-ins.

John and I agreed that if we wanted to do some of our other projects (more on those soon), and wanted to do them correctly, we needed to take out these built ins! John owned a construction business in Chicago for two years, so he was very comfortable with this project – and, in general, he just loves demo work! So – out went the built-ins!

Behind the built-ins we found even brighter yellow paint, stained molding and brown shag carpet! We had quite a few laughs imagining what the room looked like in its previous life… Especially after we realized that under the brown molding was teal paint!!! Teal molding! Yikes!

Here is the family room after we cleaned up the demo mess. We will eventually be carpeting this space, so the fact that the (faux) wood floors don’t extend to where the built-ins were isn’t really an issue – although I will say, as I sit here staring at the ugly spots on the floor, that it would be nice to have that done already! And this is why one of the things on our to do list today is carpet shopping!

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